Join Eddie Bauer and Us to Warm Up North America!

OneWarmCoat_Ad_FullPage_700pxStarting today—across North America—teams at Eddie Bauer stores launch their 2014 Fall coat drive with One Warm Coat! After surviving hypothermia in the 1930s, Eddie Bauer designed the very first down coat. Since then, the Eddie Bauer team has been dedicated to providing warmth to those who spend a significant amount of time out in the cold. We’re extremely proud to partner with this caring and generous sponsor this Fall to spread the warmth of a good coat to people in communities across the continent. People who donate a gently used coat on­site will receive $25 off the purchase of outerwear, valid from October 27th through October 30th. Don’t have an extra coat to share? You’re invited to text COLD to 80100. A $5 donation will go directly to One Warm Coat. $5.00 will be added to your cell phone bill. (Standard message and data rates may apply). Thank you!

Give a Coat, Share the Warmth with Brooks Brothers!

Brooks Drive Image_700x525Brooks Brothers and One Warm Coat invite you to join our second “Give a Coat, Share the Warmth” coat drive! Tuesday, October 21st through Monday, October 27th, Brooks Brothers retail stores and outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada will be collecting donated coats for distribution in their local areas. When you donate your extra gently used coat, you can enjoy 25% off the purchase of a new outerwear item. We are extremely pleased and proud to partner with Brooks Brothers, whose legacy of serving the community dates back to their founding nearly 200 years ago. Visit a store today and join us in making a difference in your community!

A Perfect Day to Discover…One Warm Coat!

CompassToday, across the U.S., we salute the spirit that drove our ancestors to follow the horizon, to discover new lands, new people, new ways. This “seeker” spirit drives us even today, as we search for new ways to solve common problems and new people to join the effort. Each day, more and more people are finding One Warm Coat and discovering how easy it is to share the warmth of a good coat and a caring community with those in need. Today is a perfect day to share One Warm Coat!

Why We “Drive” to Collect Warm Coats

2013 Oct Wilson SchoolA quick scan of newly-registered coat drives shows that there are a variety of great reasons to hold a coat drive, and just as many ways to do it. Here are some we thought you’d enjoy:

· Timmy N. (MA) is “driving” as part of a community service project for his hockey team
· Genentech (CA) employees are giving back to their community
· Charlotte Mechanical (NC) is teaming with other community groups to support a local service ministry
· The Gregory Frey Memorial Coat Drive (PA) honors a young man who passed away
· Brownie Troop 31902 (CA) is showing that even the youngest among us can make a difference for others

We applaud the drive that inspires these Organizers to take action on behalf of their neighbors in need. (What inspires you to donate a coat or hold a coat drive? Why not share your story on Facebook or Tweet us today?)

It’s Harvest Time! Will You Share Your Bounty?

CornucopiaBIt’s the first day of Fall! Time to bring in the harvest, share the bounty and enjoy the beauty of the fading summer sun. During the summer, the team at One Warm Coat played a little and worked a lot to update our tools and processes. Organizing a coat drive is easier than ever! This week, we also introduced our first-ever organized outreach for financial support. As the need for warm coats continues to grow, we must find new ways to support our shared work. Every dollar contributed makes it possible for two coats to reach someone in need. If you would like to help, please visit

With deep appreciation for your ongoing interest and support,
The Team at One Warm Coat

A Loving Tribute to Their Mom

2014 Heart shaped pieA few years ago, Greg C. founded a coat drive to gather warm clothes for Bakersfield’s needy residents. He shares that he got the idea from his Mom, Juanita, a local baker who’d always put out a table of slightly-worn clothing that she’d collected from family members. Greg had thought that the items were for sale. When his Mom passed away, he learned that Juanita had been giving the clothing away. Each year, Greg and his siblings organize a multi-location One Warm Coat drive in her memory. This week, we honor Greg C., his family and their work to keep their Mom’s legacy alive in the community. Our hearts are warmed by this touching tribute and we know yours will be, too.

Taking Inspiration from the Three “Rs” of Earth Day

Recycle w OWCEarth Day (Tuesday, April 22nd) is one of our favorite days! Founded 44 years ago by Sen. Gaylord Nelson (WI) as an environmental “teach-in” for Americans of all ages, the first Earth Day provided the clever motto “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” to remind us of how easy it is to make a difference.

The first teach-in brought together homemakers, educators, church and religious organizations, professional groups and conservation groups across the U.S. Each lent their strength to the important work of cleaning up their communities. (Sounds very familiar…) Today, Earth Day is a worldwide movement in over 125 countries!

Here’s why the annual celebration is a favorite for the One Warm Coat team: Our friends can reduce material in landfills by donating their extra warm coats. We know that someone in need will gratefully reuse them! When each of us recycles our warmth in this way, we improve our environment in important ways all across the land. We invite you to access our Coat Drive Locator map or locate a One Warm Coat community service Agency and recycle your extra warm coat today!

Celebrating Success!

Amy-Dwyer-at-Senegal-ConferenceIt’s time to celebrate your success! Whether a coat drive collects one coat or 100, we “measure” success by the warmth shared in physical terms (number of coats) and in community relationships. Today, we are happy to tell you about Kathy B. from Chester County (PA) and her coat drive success.

Three years ago, Kathy contacted One Warm Coat for assistance with organizing a coat drive in memory of her late sister-in-law, Amy Dwyer. This year, Kathy and her team collected over 1,000 coats—and she received personal recognition from her County’s Women’s Commission! Congratulations, Kathy and team! And thank you for making One Warm Coat part of your drive to bring the warmth of good coats and good community relationships to Chester County. (Organizers: Why not share your success through our website today?

Happiness = Your Thinking + What You Do!

Sherri at Happines DayHappiness is a goal that we all share. Experience and research show us that the “secret” to achieving it is simple: do something. Here’s another “secret”: doing something for someone else makes both of us happy! The website says, ”What you do matters. True joy comes from spreading happiness to those around you.” In San Francisco last week, our National Founder and Board Chair, Sherri Wood, attended the annual International Day of Happiness celebration, and shared this photo taken while she added her commitment to the thousands made that day! Today, we at One Warm Coat thank every coat drive Organizer, Agency, and Sponsor who joined us this season to do something to improve the lives of others. Your friendship and your partnership in this important work make us very happy!

Celebrating Women Then and Now

nwhpbanner2This month recognizes the significant work American women have done—and continue to do–on behalf of people in need. We invite you to join us in honoring their contributions to communities here and beyond our borders. Here are some who come to mind today.
* Jane Addams (1860-1935), founder of one of the original settlement houses for disadvantaged citizens.
* Dr. Justina Ford (1871-1952), a physician who often provided services to low-income and indigent people.
* Melinda Gates (current), whose work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation advances health care and reduces extreme poverty.
* And our own National Founder, Sherri Lewis Wood (current), whose compassion and skill built One Warm Coat from a one-city coat drive into a nationally-known organization that warms the lives of millions each winter.

If you have a woman whose community work you wish to honor this month, we invite you to visit our Facebook page and leave us a post. We would enjoy learning about her!