So Long, Winter. Hello, Spring!

Flower in snow smallWith each First Day of Spring, we reflect on the winter’s challenges and all the ways that our Organizers, Agencies and amazing Sponsors have worked to create warmth for bodies and spirits. Dear friends, may this little sprout brighten your day and remind you of how grateful we are for your continuing friendship and support of our mission. Thank you!

One Kind Word Can Warm Three Winter Months

2015 Woman with NoteWe know that warmth is created in more than one way. A warm coat brings physical warmth, the gift of community brings warmth to our spirits–the knowledge that someone cares brings warmth to the heart. It is said that “One kind word can warm three winter months.” A guest at our agency, Care for the Homeless, was warmed through and through recently–and we bet she’s still warm today!

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Doing a Good Turn Daily: Our Friends, the Girl Scouts

Daisies and Junior Girls Scouts 2010This week, we send birthday wishes to our good friends, the Girls Scouts. The first Girl Scouts, in Savannah (GA) in 1912, participated in community service, camped, learned how to tell time by the stars and studied first aid. Today, girls across the country participate in an amazing variety of activities that build community while building character. Girl Scouts of the USA has a membership of over 3.2 million girls and adults–many of whom Organize, volunteer and donate to One Warm Coat drives each year! Happy birthday, Girl Scouts, from your friends at One Warm Coat.

A Mayor Who Cares Helped East Orange Stay Warm This Winter

2015 E OrangeToday, we proudly shine the spotlight on East Orange (NJ) Mayor Lester Taylor and his amazing team of enthusiastic coat drive volunteers and contributors. The team joined together to provide 1,000 coats to residents in need this winter. 3rd Ward Councilman Ted Green and City Council President Quilla Talmadge joined volunteers from the Deputy City Clerk, a local PTA, a women’s motorcycle social club and youth from a local karate studio for the event. Sojourner Truth student Jeremiah P., 12, shared that “It’s good for the families that can’t afford things. It’s cold out here–and it encourages me.” Mayor Taylor plans to challenge other mayors to organize city-wide coat drives in the future. Congratulations, Mayor Taylor and team! East Orange is a much warmer place this winter, thanks to you.

Ready to Assist From Coast to Coast

OWC US_Canada_MapThis email from a TV producer in Atlanta (GA) sums up the inquiries we’ve received again and again during this month:

“With the cold weather sticking around for a while in our area…where can people drop off coat donations?”

We were excited to share that there are over 30 One Warm Coat-approved community service agencies in the greater Atlanta area alone who are ready to assist!

During this month of record-breaking cold temperatures, agencies from coast to coast in the US and into Canada have been emailing, too, to submit urgent requests for warm coats. Each of our agencies is a certified nonprofit and agrees to give coats away–never sell them. And each is ready to assist you and your team with the warm coats you donate. Whether you donate one coat or one hundred, we hope you follow our link to find one near you today.

Lagunitas’ Fundraiser Coat Drive Doubly Successful

2015 Lagunitas 2Brooke S., leader of the coat drive fundraiser team at Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing Company (CA), recently reported that the results of this year’s drive were double last year’s! Using a combination of great music, delicious refreshments and the opportunity to make a real difference in the community, Lagunitas inspired over 100 people to donate on behalf of Catholic Charities and One Warm Coat. This year, the team distributed 315 warm coats and made a very welcome contribution to One Warm Coat. Thanks, Lagunitas, for making it fun and so easy to help your neighbors in need.

We’re Proud to Be Associated!

2015_ABLogoToday, we thank Amy R. and her colleagues in the Young Professionals group at Associated Bank in Chicago, whose work warmed lives two ways this winter. This energetic team gathered coats for their neighbors and made a wonderful monetary contribution to our shared work. Thank you, Associated Bank! We are proud to be part your efforts to warm up the communities you serve.

The Groundhog’s Cute, But…

2015-Groundhog-150x113That famous groundhog who lives in P.A.
Awakes from his slumber on this very day.
Will he give an “early spring” his vote?
(After all, he’s got a very warm coat!)
From York to Green Bay and on to Billings,
We know winter’s still with us and temps are still chilling.
Check our website for coat drives near you.
With your donations, others stay warm through and through…today and on through the Spring!

Our Deepest Thanks to!

2015 Zynga Mission AccomplishedToday, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of our sponsor,, whose recent campaign to give players the opportunity to “play good, do good” through Zynga Poker was an overwhelming success! Thanks to players who shared one trillion online chips through the Helping Hands feature, One Warm Coat will receive a $50,000 contribution from this caring, socially-conscious organization.’s work with game-makers and nonprofits inspires players to create positive social impact each day. We are extremely proud and thankful to be the recipient of their generosity and are pleased to be able to put this amazing contribution to work, warming communities…one coat at a time.

Spotlight on Service: Ernst & Young

2015 EnY“We are very privileged to be able to support and help.” That’s what Kailesh K. and the team at Ernst & Young (San Jose) shared when they reported their coat drive success. Over the past few months, their dedication has provided the warmth of warm coats and caring support to hundreds in the Bay area community. In September, they raised funds for One Warm Coat and the company matched their donation. Next, the team organized a coat drive–and personally distributed the coats at Grace Community Center. Kailesh reported that recipients “lined up and took the coats before we could set them out. It was heart warming to see such a great response but so sad in that there are so many in need.” We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Ernst & Young, for sharing your story of service and commitment to helping others. We are very proud to be part of the work you do to make a difference in your community. (Pictured: Sherri Wood, our National Founder and Board Chair, with Kailesh K., Rob T., Laura B., Julia C. and the rest of the Ernst & Young team.)