There’s Still Time – and There’s Always a Need

2012 Sample E CardIt’s nearly Spring, when the wind blows warmer, the days grow longer and the jackets get lighter. Right? Well, not at the moment. Weather conditions like the “polar vortex” are still with us—as is the need for warm coats. Warming centers from Maine to California have remained opened to handle the unusual number of “Code Blue” nights. The good news? There’s still time to hold a coat drive! Spring will arrive eventually. In the meantime, we’ve got plenty of Promo Packs ready to ship, to help you and your teams hold a coat drive and spread life-giving warmth to your neighbors in need. Why not register yours here today?

Fairy TaleThis week’s “holidays” include Tell a Fairy Tale Day! We love fairy tales, because although they need not start with “Once upon a time,” they almost always end with “…and they lived happily ever after.” Here’s our tale:

Once upon a time, during a winter that was very cold, a small group of friends noticed that some of their neighbors had no coats to keep them warm. This worried the friends a great deal. Then, one of them had an idea. They would gather all their extra coats and give them to their neighbors in need! The idea grew and grew. Soon, almost everyone who could help did so—across the whole country! In the end, everyone who needed a warm coat could get one, free of charge! The communities became much warmer places to live, and they all lived happily ever after. (To make this fairy tale a reality, please visit One Warm Coat today. Thank you!)

Winter Holiday Fun – Brought to You by Warm Coats Everywhere

Snow Angel

SnowmenFor many, President’s Day (today) is a holiday from work and school. As our friends from north to south dig out from recent snowstorms, we thought we’d share some ideas of what to do with all that time off—and all that snow.

Note: This fun was made possible by warm coats everywhere! Why not donate your extra warm coat today and share the fun in your community?

The Heart of the Matter

Framed Valentine logoIt’s 7 degrees in Milwaukee today; in Pittsburgh, tonight’s low will be 2 degrees. Charleston, WV is expecting nighttime temperatures in the teens, and the frigid forecast goes on and on. If you have heard the phrase “the heart of the matter,” you know that it means to focus on the most important part of something. For people living through this winter with little, the need for a warm coat is the heart of the matter. Whether you can donate your extra warm coat or can support a way to make warm coats available to others, we hope you’ll take action today. Your support will get to the heart of the matter, to warm the life of someone in need.

Saluting Warmth in the Workplace!

CB049033This week, we proudly shine the spotlight on workplace coat drives! Today, we thought you’d enjoy learning about Kim C. and the Intero Real Estate Services team. Kim’s resourcefulness and enthusiasm inspired teammates from Hollister to San Mateo (CA). Each office used their own creativity to spread the word about the need for warm coats and engage their community in solving the problem.

Kim’s office treated donors to a showing of the film “Frozen!” She shared that she’s proud to be part of a company that rallied behind a cause that is so important to her. We are honored that they choose One Warm Coat to help them provide warmth to their communities year after year. Congratulations, Kim and Intero, on another amazing coat drive!

Youth Drive Takes Action Against the Polar Freeze!

2014 Port Washington SchoolWe salute Youth drives today! Youthful energy, inspired by the leadership of a caring teacher, warmed up the winter in WI this year–just in time to fight the Polar Freeze. Proud teacher, Paul S., from Port Washington HS, reported that his team “helped directly serve a real need…while serving my students’ need to understand the value in their doing for others.” As Paul says it, providing warm coats for people in need “is a wonderful lesson in life that our youth can learn from year after year.” We salute the teachers who lead the way and the young people whose drive and commitment help to make it successful!

Will You Help One Warm Coat Receive $10,000 from KIND Healthy Snacks?

KIND 2014Our friends at KIND Healthy Snacks have offered us an opportunity to receive $10,000 as part of their new initiative, “Do the KIND Thing: Projects!” Through this program, KIND is crowd-sourcing socially-impactful ideas that are aimed at making the world a little kinder. This month, people everywhere can vote on the ideas that inspire them the most. At the end of the month, KIND will support the winning project with $10,000.

During this harshest of winters, each monetary contribution makes it possible for us to support coat drives across the country and share the life-giving warmth of warm coats in places where they are needed the most. We hope you will help us in our quest to earn this valuable award from KIND.

Retailers & Workplace Friends! Serve others this MLK Day with Pin-ups!

OWC Logo dropshadowWe think that a pin-up donation drive is a picture-perfect way for a workplace or retail business (and its customers) to serve others during next week’s MLK Day of Service! Here’s how it works:

  • For a small contribution, each donor/customer gets a One Warm Coat picture to color (and some crayons).
  • Moments later, their artwork is pinned up on the wall of your office or store for all to see!
  • Your workplace is instantly warmed by their generosity and colorful artwork.
  • Each contribution helps One Warm Coat spread the word about the need for warm coats and how easy it is to solve the problem.
  • Why not register your Pin-up Donation Drive today? (P.S. When it’s over, be sure to share photos on our Facebook page. We’d love to see the creative ways your friends and customers decorate their coats!)

Serving Next Monday in Honor of Dr. King? All Ages Can Hold a Coat Drive!

MLK Day of ServiceNext Monday (1/20/2014), we celebrate the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a National Day of Service. Americans of every age and background will participate in projects that strengthen communities, empower individuals and create solutions. Our project idea? A coat drive, of course! Help the children in your life learn about their neighbors in need and then show them how collecting and distributing gently used warm coats makes a difference. Whether you collect two coats or 200, your community-and your hearts-will be warmed. Access our Organizer links today to get started!

Fishing for a Cause (Ours) in Zynga’s ChefVille Game!

zynga.org_logo_primary_rgbDo you own a restaurant in Zynga’s ChefVille game? Our creative friends at Zynga just shared a cool new opportunity for ChefVille players to help us provide warm coats for more people this winter. Just venture into the virtual snowy landscape. Then, locate and purchase early access to the Ice Fishing Lodge. Our generous friends at Zynga will contribute their full share of the purchase price of your early access package to One Warm Coat! We think it’s a perfect recipe for online fun and real world warmth!